Exclusive Mixtape: Kenneth Cockwhore

Performing at this year’s 10-year anniversary celebration of the Danish imprint Posh Isolation; Port Out, Starboard Home is non-Binary DJ, queer activist, style icon, media darling and bingo host, Kenneth Cockwhore. Known for a flamboyant taste in music, style and for cooing the rave mantra “let the bass kæck”, Kenneth threw together a delicious medley of bass-driven ambient, experimental and noise music as a little taster of the festival’s three-day experience. They explain, “This mix was recorded on a Monday afternoon after a two-day hangover, its a mix of soft & hard, past & present, it combines two of my loves ambient & beats.”

Port Out, Starboard Home will host three days of music, art and performances in multiple locations around the city during the Copenhagen Art Week. The main venue, Overgaden – Institute of Contemporary Art, will house an installation that will act as the centrepiece of the event, along with an accompanying shop selling new limited Posh Isolation merchandise. Performing artists include Croatian Amor, Vanity Productions, Damien Dubrovnik, Varg, Puce Mary, Lust for Youth, Age Coin, CTM, KYO & Jeuru, Soho Rezanejad & Frederik Valentin, KhalilH20P, Why Be and many more talented, up and coming Scandinavian acts the label is continuously supporting. 

Posh Isolation was founded in 2009 by Christian Stadsgaard (Vanity Productions) and Loke Rahbek (Croatian Amor) who perform together as Damien Dubrovnik. Their main focus is to present work from Scandinavian artists and collaborators and give a platform to current music, art, and design, yet their recognition has reached a global level of success. Their prolific catalogue holds over 200 physical releases and has facilitated numerous international exhibitions, programs, and showcases. The project is an evolving composite of voices and horizons anchored to its home.