Exclusive Mixtape: Kris Vango

Berlin-based artist Kris Vango shares a mix inspired by the boundary-breaking electronic producer Sophie. “We are going through a time of death and rebirth, and this journey weaves itself through my own experiences of death and transformation. The theme of transformation, transmutation, and transgender seem hyper potent right now. In my journey, Sophie was a part of that awareness, part of that journey spiritually, influentially and amongst my immediate communities and the tragedy of such a pioneer is much bigger than me. We are all managing grief right now, in different ways. We are all transforming, in different ways. There has never been a time where trans and the ideology of conscious active change and radical visions of Utopia are more relevant. My hope with this mix is to document my own journey and promote inclusivity, community, honesty, and a fearlessness to be vulnerable. The name 11:11 gateway suggests a portal into a new world. Inspired by the non-binary and trans communities of Athens and Berlin. Echoed also in Sophie’s visions of the future and something I feel is less individual and more shared, inclusive and ideas we can all get behind and transcend division”

Kris Vango’s vision is to map and document our solar system through narrative sound, creating sonic and visual works central to each planetary body. Sonically, Kris Vango traverses a cross-pollination and re-evolution of club music’s sonic textures, with a re-connecting to the Shamanic origins of uniting collectives into a shared experience – utilising genre and collaboration as tools to construct immersive planetary soundscapes. . It is Kris Vango’s intention to re-envision the mythological stories of all our planetary family through music and various artistic mediums, evolving their symbolism and mythology into contemporary experiences — using the planets as a metaphor for our physical, spiritual, emotional and mental relationships to consciousness and answer the deeper questions of how our experience of being human may be shaped and influenced by the gravities circling us and how planets may, in fact, be conscious entities and possess awareness beyond our understanding from the physical human perspective: the exploration of cosmos and psyche.