Exclusive Mixtape: Laure

Parisian DJ and producer Laure joins our mixtape series with an emotive 60-minute journey. From IDM to Industrial Techno, with a touch of Acid, Laure loves to take her public into their deepest emotions, and make them dance with the groove and the dynamism of her aestheticism. Her releases have been supported by artists such as Kerstin Eden, Joseph Capriati, Paul Nineham, Jon Connor and Paco Osuna. Her rapid, dark and melancholic universe will take you and make you wanna listen to more of it

I am so thrilled to share with you a softer and more abstract mixtape, my intention was to share a very emotional and hypnotic mood. This is the kind of material you should listen to when you have time to enjoy the singularity of each track, for example if you want to relax during a rainy Saturday afternoon. You will find at the end some energizing tracks that will wake you up and make you wanna go out with your friends and family (even if it’s still raining…).

Laure’s latest EP A Confused Mind, as its name suggests, is a confused territory where good and evil are difficult to distinguish, where each decision seems impossible to make, and each happy moment eventually turns into loneliness. As a cathartic moment, this EP, reflects both the determinism of certain periods of life, and the mad desire to get out of it.


A Confused Mind EP is out now