Exclusive Mixtape: Loskop

Sounds for the weekend! Straight out of South Africa we have an exclusive KALTBLUT mixtape from the exciting new project, Loskop. Troydon Murison and Craig Massiv formed a friendship and musical connection in their coming-of-age years as deep house DJs in the unique underground club scene of post-Apartheid Johannesburg, South Africa. These early experiences – that saw them behind the decks of dance floors of both exclusive club parties and gritty township taverns – helped form a sonic sensibility that has been integral to their successes as individual producers. Finally, thanks more to technology than geography – Troydon (currently residing in L.A.) and Craig (still Johannesburg based) have collaborated on a project that best represents this shared history: the result is Loskop. Seriously, listen to that Ellie Goulding remix – you won’t be disappointed!

Loskop’s new single entitled ‘These Sparks (Featuring Maiya Sykes)’ showcases their acutely refined deep house, techno and pop sensibilities, sharpened by spending years DJ’ing in the unique and gritty underground club scene of post-Apartheid Johannesburg. The result is a deeply satisfying, genre-bending track that is made that much more striking with the addition of the massive vocals of Maiya Sykes, who was a 2014 finalist on ‘The Voice.’ The song was released by SONY last month on their home turf, and it’s already in Top 40 rotation on 5FM, South Africa’s biggest national radio station.