Exclusive Mixtape: Luc Amaden

Bristol-based visual artist Luc Amaden invests a lot of his time into making surreal and futuristic animations within the 3D realm. He takes inspiration from both unique 3D creators and musicians, these aspects usually merging in his creations. His work can be quite unpredictable; releasing an ethereal space mechanism one moment and then a mystical underwater world the next. 

Luc presents a brutal mix, full of satisfyingly-dark bangers. With a main focus on blending under-played masterpieces into a somewhat listenable mix, he intends to provide a unique experience to any listener, causing them to like something they may have never thought they would beforehand. If you have some steam to blow off and are looking for a new way to relieve it, this is the one for you.

Feature photo by Rea Yellowlees