Exclusive Mixtape: Macka & Lowree

“This mix is a small excerpt we put together, picking some tracks that we really loved playing out during our set at Fly Open Air and the album release parties we have played over the past 2 previous weekends. Glimpsing between some 90s House pieces, and modern gems and finishing with a few tracks from our debut album – we feel this mix conveys an ideal feeling of a blissfully sunny day.”



Following their 2021 Mood 4 Love EP on Fresh Take Records,  Glasgow house duo Macka & Lowree are back with their highly anticipated debut album Without The Music (I Don’t Know Where I’d Be Dancin’).

Gaining support from the likes of Denis Sulta, Big Miz and Liam Doc, Macka & Lowree two made a name for themselves by capturing a distinctly old-school vibe in their productions, pushing their signatures of intricate sampling and euphoric themes.

Without The Music (I Don’t Know Where I’d Be Dancin’) is a glorious ode to the classic house and disco that inspires the duo. Created with love and painstaking attention to detail, it is a richly rewarding and inspiring collection.

Across 12 brand new tracks, Without The Music… pays homage to classic sounds without ever feeling stuck in the past. From the freewheeling, propulsive energy of sample-based house cuts like Chorin’ Love and Numb 2nite to the darker, more electro and rave-based flavours of UNO (Live In This Muthafucka) and Detroit house stylings of the appropriately titled Affection, there is no doubt that Macka & Lowree are both passionate advocates of the 90s club culture and highly talented artists.

A treat for anyone who ever pumped their fist to a pummeling kick drum or lost their minds to a gospel vocal, Without The Music… is not to be missed.

Macka & Lowree currently hold down individual monthly residencies for nights in La Cheetah Club and have been busy honing their sound in the Scottish scene over the last few years.

Macka  www.instagram.com/macka.__
Lowree  www.instagram.com/l_o_w_r_e_e