Exclusive Mixtape: Mark Allen Soul

Following up a series of DJ sets Mark Allen Soul has played during these past years, the Barcelona-based producer and artist releases via KALTBLUT his debut club mix, which sails between the chaos of gabber and industrial, and explores in 45 minutes the mixture of trance sounds, ambient noises, and dark hardcore. 

Mark Allen Soul is a 22-year-old Barcelona-based artist and sculptor whose work sails between ambient music and atmospheric lightscapes. His pieces and installations generate isolated spaces that are unaffiliated with the passage of time and emotions. Themes such as the invisible connections between places and people, and the power of music as timeless salvation are treated in his art pieces. He began with gabber music due to his French roots and started playing in different Barcelona avant-garde parties exploring the mixtures between the ambient and industrial. 

Mark Allen Soul releases a new mix of his radio show “Island of Angels” on Hong Kong Community Radio every month, and is now working on his TBA live debut with an A/V show and triple collaboration titled “Luz Blanca”.

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