Exclusive Mixtape: Rosa Anschütz

Last month we had the chance to share Rosa Anschütz’s immersive video for ‘Rigid’, now, the trans-media artist, composer, and vocalist has treated us to a little mix. Rosa delves into a wide range of electronica sub-genres, including techno, noise, experimental and even the softer end of industrial. With the added singer-songwriter component and lyrical content, her music opens up to become more relatable and presents a clear sound forged by an artist with a refined taste and a focused vision. Rosa’s debut EP ‘Rigid’ is out on Quiet Love Records and available on all major platforms.



“The mix is stitched together with very different music styles, Same as my taste in general is. To think of genre as a term is something that I would prefer to leave out generally, in the end, it’s all music, something we should enjoy. Every style and expression has its own authorization. The end of the mix is equipped with the title track of my Debut EP ‘Rigid’, out on Quiet Love Records and available through Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc.”


Photos by Eva Luise Hoppe