Exclusive Mixtape: Rose Bonica

With the release of her ‘Mouthful of Concrete’ EP around the corner on Wet Dreams Recordings, Rose Bonica creates a dreamy techno mix showcasing some of her finest tracks amongst Jumping Back Slash, X14, and label mate SEXXUS. Rose Bonica’s impressive rise through the South African music scene has been prominent through her continuous raw and infectious releases, coupled with her dark and energetic creative side, it’s easy to see why she is landing herself on some of the biggest festival line ups in the country. She recently made her Berlin debut at Salon Zur Wilde Renate, playing alongside Eclair Fifi and Oliver Hafenbauer (Robert Johnson) at Savour The Moment. Her latest music video, “Volatile”, premiered on Boiler Room’s 4:3 and her Upperberry mix was picked by Crack Magazine as their #1 mix you need to hear in June. Her passion and intensity is the driving force behind her success, underneath the self- deprecating banter and nervous laughter is an artist who is aware of her capabilities.

“Every time I record a mix I can’t help but get lost in my head so I think the best way to describe the mix is when you dreaming and you keep jumping between spaces, the people around you keep changing and whatever you doing is most probably bizarre but true?  Dreamy Techno.”

‘Mouthful of Concrete’ EP is out on the 2nd of December courtesy of Wet Dreams Recordings. Pre-order here: https://rosebonica.bandcamp.com/album/mouthful-of-concrete

Photo Credit: Tatyana Levana