Exclusive Mixtape: Seks 5th Avenue

Seks 5th Avenue, founded by producer F. Virtue and designer Abel Ljoka, is a multi-faceted brand represented by the legendary Oscar-nominated / Emmy awarded Patricia Field (Devil Wears Prada, Sex in the City) and available exclusively at her Manhattan showroom and online store, as well as their own. Everything is done in-house, and new pieces are released every single Tuesday. Now the duo premiere their first official mixtape in the form of ‘Pussy-Cola’: an absolutely wild ride from start to finish! “We wanted to share a taste of what we like and what we can do, so we made this pussy poppin’ 30-minute mix of cunty originals spanning mash-ups, remixes, edits, and chop and screws based in hip-hop, house, and vogue,” they explain. “Known for our 1-of-1 garments and accessories, we take the same approach to our music with one-of-a-kind bops you won’t hear anywhere else; like our pieces, everything passes through our hands.”

November 27th will be Seks 5th Avenue’s first-ever holiday sale with Patricia Field with 20% off everything until Dec. 7th. Everything ordered during that time will be shipped to arrive on time for Christmas. Worldwide shipping and flexible payment plans available.

The duo continue, “We take the pandemic very seriously as we’ve lost our dearest loved ones to Covid, so we are in quarantine until it’s over. But once it is, expect to catch us throwing pop-up shops, performing at said pop-ups, DJing your parties, and snatching wigs.”