Exclusive Mixtape: Torus

Following the release of 333 Mirrors on Tresor Records, Torus, the artist alias of Joeri Woudstra, delivers a mix traveling through the varying depths of club ambient. Coupled with its catalogue number 333, Torus’ compilation on Tresor indicates the large-scale conceptual thoughts behind the record, typical of Woudstra’s practice. As an artist, he sets out to frame re-interpretable references that trigger some subconscious recognition in listeners, with no set way to interpret them but leading to singular feelings and thought processes. The effect, a combination of static electronic sounds and looser field recordings, speaks to each listener differently.

Over the course of 2020-2022 I’ve had so many melodical breaks from club tracks stuck in my head; Tracks I Shazamed during sets by my talented friends playing either Laser Club or Laak Den Haag. Or songs I found when listening to the radio in my dads car. I’ve collected them all in a folder on my computer. Booking a nightclub in my hometown and releasing on techno powerhouse Tresor had me thinking about club music beyond the ambient rendition I’m known for recently. All club sets I’ve done and published so far are completely collage style ambient soundscapes and I decided to take this opportunity to finally upload a Torus Club set. Something I’ve kept offline and exclusive to DJ bookings for over 10 years.

Upcoming events
333 Mirrors Live Premiere August 7th at Tresor 31 festival in Kraftwerk
Torus’ record with DJ Lostboi The Flash from 2020 is getting a Deluxe edition release this year


333 Mirrors is out now via Tresor Records: tresorberlin.bandcamp.com/album/333-mirrors