Exclusive Mixtape: Venturelli

Argentina-based DJ, record collector, and obsessive selector Venturelli gets the week rolling with a powerful mix of personal favourites and musical roots. He says, “A very personal mix, portraying some of the warmth and sense of communion of a typical Queen Cobra’s late-night set, with a selection of some of my all-time favourite artists, such as Jenny Hval, DJ Nigga Fox, Coil, Badsista, Ase Manual, or Tirzah, subtly sliding through different club music rhythms and styles, including baile funk, batida, dembow, tribal, ballroom, avant-pop, guaracha, hard drum, kuduro, Eurodance, and cumbia.”

Venturelli has been active since the early 00s on several independent cultural projects in the local scene. Resident DJ at the ravishing Queen Cobra, a local LGTBIQ+ collective/platform/party focused mainly on African, Latin American, and Eastern sounds – Cordoba’s own night culture jewel–, his sets are characterized by a thick mixture of dissimilar, rhythmically complex styles, and a search to reinterpret the original tracks’ melodic layers.


Artist photo: Juana Zúñiga / Germán Lombardi
Mix artwork: Germán Lombardi