Exclusive Premiere: PARIS INTRO! By Super Crui’ve’ – A Creative Collaboration

KALTBLUT is proud to present the premiere of PARIS INTRO! The video clip was created as the first collaboration between the ‘Super Crui’ve’ collective members: Gal Shenfeld (Couture designer), Anna Lann (Musician), Guy Nahum Levy (Photographer) and Ori Kroll (Contemporary dancer). We love this. Anna Lann´s experimental interplanetary pop sound is the perfect fit for this amazing video.

The track is one of the three tracks of Anna Lann´s lately released debut EP ‘Forming A Moon‘ through Word And Sound.

Video Credits:

Original Couture – ‘Mews’ by Gal Shenfeld
Dancers & Choreographers – Ori Kroll & Kyle Scheurich
Original music – Anna Lann
Directors – Guy Nahum Levy & Gosha Demin
Photography – Gosha Demin & Guy Nahum Levy
Executive producer and costume assistant – Jonathan Trichter
Production assistant – Ori Biechonski
Chef – Yuval Leshem
Color and video optimization – Simon Birman
Space, lightning & scenery – ‘Aqua Creations’ factory
Special thanks:
Greg Kotler – ‘Kasafilms’
Albi Serfaty – ‘Aqua Creations’
Gilad Leshem – Pyrotechnics
Namrood the beautiful Horse, and his lovely human Ahmed