Exclusive Track Download: Aboutface – ‘The Sleeping Lights Among Us’

Coming from a fine art background, Ben Kelly aka Aboutface took up DJing regularly in 2008 but quickly became disillusioned with how restrictive it seemed to be so decided to focus on composition. At the core of his music is environmental recording and political themes, drawing upon both the sociological and environmental landscape as creative inspiration. During the past three years all his music has been inspired by traveling thousands of miles through eastern Europe and around the coastal regions of the UK; each song using the environmental recordings of a different region or city as the creative starting point. Ben combines field recording, acoustic and analogue sounds to articulate small stories in each song. Today we have an exclusive track and free download that doesn’t appear on the upcoming EP, coming out via Dark Matters, the wonderfully meandering ‘The Sleeping Lights Among Us’.

Ben Kelly: “I have exhibited mixed media art installations such as my ‘Sound Painting’ series In which a synthesiser is controlled by oil painting, ‘Living Beneath the rosebush’- a collaboration with a Film Maker and The BFI Hackney Archives to crate a piece of Musique concrete and accompanying 16mm film depicting the gentrification of Hackney, and an immersive food-sound performance which uses the environmental sounds of produce to explore provenance and commercial ethics. I recently graduated in a BA Sound Art degree and currently developing a thesis to continue my research exploring the connection between indigenous language and traditional music, and planning an extended research trip to record sound in remote indigenous communities around the world; the environmental recordings will also form the basis for my second album.”

‘In The Tepid Shine We Breathe’ is due out on the 19th of September via Dark Matters and features a remix courtesy of Redshape.