Faces of the Parisian Ballroom

In the heart of Paris, where elegance meets eccentricity, Mother Kylee Ninja organized the “Big Pride Energy Ball. For Paris-based Egyptian fashion photographer and art director Mohsen Othman known as Le Mosen, stepping into the world of ballroom was a dream come true. Hailing from a place where ballroom culture is yet to blossom, social media, online videos and shows were his only gate to the ballroom scene. After years of immersing himself in that culture, the “Big Pride Energy Ball” was Othman’s first ballroom ever.

He documented the faces of the ballroom in a kaleidoscope of colours and emotions by setting up, a few steps aside from the fierce voguing battles and the graceful runway walks, a small studio to capture participants’ unique ways of expressing themselves through make-up, poses and fashion.

At the heart of the ballroom lies a sanctuary of creativity and acceptance, where one is free to embrace their true self without fear of judgment.

In Paris, the second-largest ballroom scene in the world, this spirit of liberation found its home, as participants from all walks of life came together to celebrate their identities. The collaboration between Mohsen Othman and the “Big Pride Energy Ball” is an ode to the resilience, courage, and joy that defines the ballroom community.

Photography and Art Direction: Mohsen Othman @lemosen 

Talents Credits:
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Djena NINJA @djena_boo
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Léa NINJA @leavlamos_
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