headpiece | Ning Yao Zhang necklace | Mirabelle shirt | A Child of the Jago ring | Pyrrha handbag | Olivia Faire

A family gathering by Carlo Zambon

A KALTBLUT exclusive fashion editorial that draws inspiration from counter-culture groups of the Rainbow Family of Living Light and the Kibbo Kift – which, in their countries of origin (US the former, Uk the latter), aimed to create utopian new forms of society: mixing creativity, esoterism and a profound respect for nature. Photography by Carlo Zambon. Art Direction and styling by Jon Revel. Hair and make up by Guy Common. Models are Travis C Knight, Nicola Matear, Elton & Elson Da Silva, Raffaello Donnaloia and Javier Fernandez Berrera. Production by ObjectAll.

from left
hat | Weekday
necklaces | Pyrrha & Giovanni Raspini
shirt | AG
rope belt | A child of the Jago
key ring | Ashley Isham
skirt | Wen Yue Zhang
socks | Ning Yao Zhang
shoes | Ganor Dominic
necklace | Mirabelle
tie pin | Claire English
shirt | A child of the Jago
shoes | Vintage Majan Pejoski
from left
shorts | Drifters LDN
hat | Minnan Hui
necklace & ring | Pyrrha
dress | Julia Clancy
shoes | Ganor Dominic
neckless | Mirabelle
shorts & t-shirt | Drifters LDN
headpiece | Merve Bayindir
dress | N&S Gaia
boots | Ganor Dominic
sleeveless jacket | Drifters LDN

sleeveless jacket | Drifters LDN
headpiece | Ning Yao Zhang
necklace | Mirabelle
shirt | A Child of the Jago
jacket | Waven
trousers | N&S Gaia
shoes | Ganor Dominic
hat | A Child of the Jago
vest & shorts | Ashley Isham
necklace | Mirabelle
dress | Waven
rings | Ekria
shoes | Di Liborio
jumper | Beau Homme
earings | Claire English
pearl necklace & bracelet | Claire English
necklace | Pyrrha
shirt | Di Liborio
boots | Vintage
trousers | Di Liborio
from left
shirt & trousers | Steve Jin
top & trousers | Steve Jin
septum ring | Raffaello Donnaloia
ring | Ekria
coat | Ilaria Lepore
underwear | Intimissimi
septum ring | Raffaello Donnaloia
fringed jacket | Di Liborio
skirt | Boo Pala
hat | Vintage Studio Etudes
union suit | Vintage Majan Pejoski
underwear | Marks & Spencer
from left
shirt & trousers | Steve Jin
trainers | Highpad
top & trousers | Steve Jin
trainers | Vintage Bernard Willheim

Photography: Carlo Zambon @carlozambon  www.carlozambon.com

Art Direction & styling: Jon Revell #jonrevell  www.jonrevell.com

Photo assistant: Will Jennings

Style assistant: Rebecca Russell Turner @yungclub

MAU & Hair: Guy Common insta @guycommon  www.guycommon.com

Production: ObjectAll  insta @objectall  www.objectall.com


Travis C Knight insta @traviscknight

Nicola Matear   insta @nicolamatear

Elton & Elson Da Silva   insta @_majeesty_

Raffaello Donnaloia   insta @metaraph_

Javier Fernandez Berrera   insta @lohandakota