Fantasies by Francesco Cascavilla

“Fantasies ” is a photography series regarding sexual dreams and fetishism. The series is published on the second print edition of Pornceptual Magazine #2 – Fetish. Photographer Francesco Cascavilla says: “The richness, vivacity and colorfulness of the human sexual universe, my aim is to free it from the stigma of perversion and immorality by showing its inner beauty. There is nothing more wrong than to let our sexual fantasies be judged and dictated by the moral view of the society in which we live. Sexuality is a part of our everyday life and, as is the case with any other natural need, must be accepted instead of rejected. Indeed, I believe that it is only when such needs are segregated that inner monsters can be born. I decided to keep the images of the series untitled, because (considering the nature of the topic treated) I felt it would be more appropriate if each viewer would give their own personal interpretation, using their own taste and personal background as a reference.”

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Photography by Francesco Cascavilla @Facebook / @Instagram
Models are James Welsby, Jarred Dewey, Selin Davasse, Ivan, CAT, Andru Pramuk, Mikey Woodbridge, Lucio Vidal