Fashion Crime

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial from Buenos Aires. Photography by Fiorella Perata. The models are Aziz Diedhiou, Maxima Barras, Joaquin Bosch and Juan Maria Oviedo. Make up and hair by Natalia Isabel. Styling by Nat Betancourt using Dachics, Karina D’Angelo and Gerardo Casas.

Models are submerged into authentic designs, at the Workshop of a hat maker; posing and enjoying themselves. Suddenly something strange happened. Max is surprised by a mysterious appearance. Characters are represented by colours. White – the angel, black – the death, red – the demon.
Who is the killer? Was it death, or the demon? Is the angel innocent? Was it revenge, or a fashion crime?

Photography by Fiorella Perata / Instagram: @fiorellaperata
Models are Aziz Diedhiou / Instagram: @aziz_zizinho23.3
Maxima Barras signed at Evolution Models Agency / Instagram: @maximabarras @evolution.models
Joaquin Bosch signed at We Love Models Agency / Instagram: @_joacobosch_
Juan Maria Oviedo signed at Ceres Management Agency / Instagram: @juanmariaoviedo @ceres_management
Styling by Nat Betancourt / Instagram: @natbetancourth
Make up and hair by Natalia Isabel / Instagram: @nataliaisabelh

Fashion Brands are Dachics, Karina D’Angelo and Gerardo Casas
Instagram: @dachics @divinastentacioneskd @gerardocasasok