Fashion Makes Sense Award 2020 – Meet the winners: Mathilde Rougier and Marko Feher

On Saturday 27th of February, FASHIONCLASH presented the fourth edition of the Fashion Makes Sense Award, a stimulation prize for a new generation of designers with innovative and sustainable ideas for the future of fashion. 

Mathilde Rougier has won the jury prize of € 2500 and MARKO FEHER has won the public prize of € 1000. Finalists presented their work during the Fashion Makes Sense Award Show during the digital 12th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival. This was an online event moderated by Anne-Ro Klevent Groen, marketing and communications director Fashion for Good, Editor-at-Large Sustainability Vogue Netherlands. All photos by Pasarella Photo! @pasarellaphoto

Fashion Makes Sense Award is an initiative of FASIONCLASH Foundation. Fashion Makes Sense Award is made possible thanks to support of Province of Limburg, Meester Koetsier Foundation, Gemeente Maastricht and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Limburg.

Mathilde Rougier @clothstrophobe

I’m an alumnus from the Saint Martins Womenswear course and currently on MA at Institut Francais de la Mode. I’m a multi disciplinary fashion designer working across the fields of XR, Accessories and Generative design with a focus on Sustainability.

MARKO FEHER @markofeher


The brand was born from the intention of its creator Marko Potkozarac to explore the hidden self, his identity in the perception of others.

Who am I? Who are we? Where I belong?
MARKO FEHER is a pure research brand. It has no colour, no gender, no season, no race.
The brand is not intended for anyone, I don’t try to fit in any type of industry, I just want to feel and be free to express myself.
That means the brand is who I am at the moment. The brand is intended for everyone.

FMSA Finalists:
Andrea Grossi – @andreagrossi__

Arí van Twillert – @arivantwillert

ESRA COPUR – @esracopur_

Kevin Pleiter – @kevinpleiter

MATTHEW NEEDHAM – @matthewneedhamstudio

SANKIM – @sankim_official

Saskia Lenaerts – @lenaerts_saskia

More information about Fashion Makes Sense Award:

About Fashion Makes Sense Award

Launched in 2017, Fashion Makes Sense Award (FMSA) is an annual returning prize for young sustainable designers. The project aims to contribute to talent development and provides support for sustainable emerging designers on the one hand and raise awareness of sustainability-related issues with a larger audience on the other. Fashion Makes Sense is based on the FASHIONCLASH content and mission to organize an ethical discourse for fashion to provide awareness and to reflect on developments and societal challenges that affect the fashion context. The playful double meaning of ‘Fashion Makes Sense’ intends to question designers the industry and the public to think about the state of the (fashion)world. What is the importance and role of fashion in our society and how can fashion contribute to a better world and well-being?

Previous winners of FMSA:

2017: Birute Mazeikaite (jury prize), STRIKKS (public prize)
2018: Paolo Carzana (jury prize), SANDERMANN (public prize), Gal Yakobovitch (special mention)
2019: GARCIA BELLO (jury prize), Iris van Wees (public prize), Elke Lutgerink (special mention)