Fetchish: A Marvellous Fusion of Theatre, Hardcore, and Club Culture

London Save The Date – 14th of June at Corsica Studios! Fetchish is about redefining your perception of performance and nightlife. But what exactly is Fetchish? As Dazed explains, “Fetchish is the London-based collective making ‘terrifying four-dimensional pop music’ for the city’s most eccentric club-goers.” @fetchish_net

What’s the New Frontier of Theatre? Can It Coexist with the Club?

“Fetchish is more than a music collective. We are visionaries reshaping the future of pop music and performance, deeply rooted in the Eastern European diaspora and the vibrant London Underground scene. Our genres span hyper-pop, trance, deconstructed club, and alt-pop.”

Where Is Fetchish Headed?

“In these challenging economic times, Fetchish innovatively turns to performative arts, fostering a community-centric platform. Our core team comprises interdisciplinary artists, from graphic designers and filmmakers to musicians.”

“Our upcoming shows unite these diverse talents. Curated by Zlata Mechetina, our team draws from traditional performance art forms such as dramatic arts, spoken word, and marionette. Witness the splendour of Gunseli Yalcinkaya’s puppet performance exploring post-digital identity via Deleuze, and experience how Fetchish blurs the boundaries between theatre and club.

Don’t miss our next interdisciplinary showcase on the 14th of June at Corsica Studios. Expect a night to remember, featuring the crème de la crème of the city’s underground scene, including Swan Meat, Moa Pillar, and Ushko.”

Why Ada?

Fetchish is set to dazzle with our first full theatrical show, Ada. Loosely based on Vladimir Nabokov’s work, this production is a bold homage to ‘queer temporalities’, postmodernism, and the End of History. It brings to life the thematic explorations of scholars like Nathalia Saliba Dias and Carolyn Dinshaw, focusing on the intersections of time, gender, sexuality, and eroticism in Nabokov’s narratives.

Directed by Zlata Mechetina, Ada boasts a network of London’s most distinguished and creative minds. The soundtrack by BJ Holy is paired with unforgettable performances, including HMLTD’s Henry Spychalski. The sensational costumes, designed by CSM graduate Pernilla Weinholz, are the perfect finishing touch.”

Are you ready for this extraordinary journey into the future of theatre and club culture? Click here for tickets and more information.