#ModaLisboa – One To Watch from the Sangue Novo section at the fashion fest in Portugal. We are in LOVE with Filipe Augusto´s new menswear collection: HARVESTS. Filipe Augusto, born and raised in Peso da Régua, lives in Porto where, starting in 2014, he did his fashion degree at MODATEX – A Professional Training Centre for the Textile, Clothing, Apparel and Wool Industry.

Harvested memories, past and present, that speak of real characters and their strenuous and joyful journey through the traversed Douro. Free spirited, they wear random garments, unwittingly creating their own visual identity, unique and, somewhat, unreal. They become individual beings of a estranged society, apart from a standardized world. Those who harvest what they wring with calloused hands, all of them singular, bring forward secrets and stories of a long gone Douro which, in its impotence to change itself, complies with the colors bestowed upon it by the seasons.

After graduating in October 2016, he starts interning at the fashion house of Portuguese designer, Luís Buchinho. In 2017 he joins the Prinçipal Magazine team as a fashion editorial production assistant.

In April he won the second place at I-com Global contest. In October 2017, he presented the collection “7 skirts” at Sangue Novo platform, and received an honourable mention, which gave him direct entry in the March 2018 edition of Sangue Novo. In this edition, Filipe presents the collection “Harvests”.

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