Flower Storm’s Top 5

Following the release of their dynamic “Do EP,” Flower Storm unveils their curated selection of Top 5 tracks. With “Do EP,” Flower Storm marks their exhilarating return, unfurling a quintet of sonorous spells meticulously crafted and imbued with the ancient magic of erstwhile ceremonies and the fresh witchery of modern club culture.

Conceived by Sepehr and Kasra V, Flower Storm emerges as a vibrant artistry merging the pursuit for a symbiotic relationship between the pulsating essence of club culture and the profound heritage of their native lands. This synergy is a bold exploration of both the mystique of their forebears and the vanguard terrain of cutting-edge electronic soundscapes.

In May 2023, they presented their initial EP, “Yek” (translating to “one” in their mother tongue, Farsi), laying down a foundation with a burgeoning compendium of aural textures foreshadowing a wealth of subsequent releases and vibrant live acts. They blend traditional musical instruments like the Daf, Tonbak, and Santoor with sampled dialogues and vocals from cinematic works and an array of electronic music influences.

Their second offering, “Do EP” (translating to “two” in Farsi), propels their auditory journey deeper into psychedelic dimensions, marrying ethereal vocal samplings with a kaleidoscopic fusion of genres. The lead track, “The first trial,” is a visionary reinterpretation of Coil’s “Further Back and Faster,” delivered with a sultry Persian twist, interspersed with brooding bass-driven journeys and fervent percussive tempests. With this follow-up release, Flower Storm vindicates their resonance, answering the siren’s call to the zephyrs.

1. Sussan Deyhim & Bill Lasswell – Daylaman

“Two of our biggest inspirations meeting on one song to create a masterpiece. When we were chatting about the musical direction of Flower Storm this was on top of our list. The combo of Sussan’s voice and Bill’s experimental production is sublime.”

2. Coil – Ayor (It’s in my blood)

“One of our biggest influences for Flower Storm both musically and visually is coil. We love how daring they are as a band and their branding is so inspiring.”

3. Future Sound of London – Lifeforms (Path 7)

“We love the world building sounds of FSOL, it’s as psychedelic as electronic music gets.”

4. Madjid Khaladj – Another Realm

“Strong entrancing Persian traditional rhythms.”

5. Sussan Deyhim – Searching for you

“Another one by Sussan, on a chill tip. Once again capturing the exact musical direction we have in mind for Flower Storm.”


Do is out now: https://flowerstorm.bandcamp.com/album/do