FO YOU: Voluntary Art Liaison – Group Exhibition in Berlin


The FO YOU: Voluntary Art Liaison group exhibition is one of the most captivating art events happening in Berlin right now. The exhibition took place during Berlin Art Week and goes on till 22.09.23, and was for sure one of the best. This exhibition brings together a diverse group of talented artists from various backgrounds and disciplines.

The finissage of the exhibition is scheduled for September 22, 2023, creating a perfect opportunity to experience and engage with the artworks before the show concludes. If you are a fan of contemporary art, this is a must-visit event that shouldn’t be missed.

Here is a glimpse into some of the brilliant artists featured in the FO YOU exhibition:
Hannes Aurand / Rolf Bremer / Tilman Burgert / mocx Dabbert / Uros Djurovic / Kerstin Dzewior / Louisa Dzewior / Mika Gentili / Malte Hagen / Stefanie Hillich / Paul „Licho“ Hübner / Juliane Hundertmark / Stephanie Keitz / Henning Klees / Ulrike Koloska / Philipp König / Thomas Korn / Wolfgang Krell / Lake / Mina Mania / Theo Moldt / Louise Amelie / Torsten Münch / Justine Otto / Pätzug & Hertweck / Sebastian Pielles / Dirk Pleyer / Sven Potschien / Sibylle Prange / André Reitemeyer / Isabel Reitemeyer / Cornelia Renz / Marie Riedel / Myrthe Rödelberger / Jutta Scheiner / Moritz Schleime / Oliver Schnell / Peter Scior / Bettina Sellmann / Kaarina Sirkku Kurz / Wanda Stang / Katja Stögmüller / Oliver Strupp / Micky Suelzer / / The other gods / Wiebke Maria Wachmann / Marco Wachsmuth / Anja Weingärtner / Tammo Winkler / René Wirths / T.B. ZASD

Each artist brings their unique perspective and artistic expression to the exhibition, making it a dynamic and thought-provoking showcase of contemporary art in Berlin. Whether you are an art enthusiast, curator, or simply someone who appreciates creativity, FO YOU: Voluntary Art Liaison is an exhibition that promises to leave a lasting impression. Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in this vibrant celebration of art and culture during Berlin Art Week.

till 22.09.2023

Do & Fr 17-23 Uhr
Sa 14-23 Uhr
So 14-18 Uhr

FOYOU Kunstraum
Marienburger Straße 16
10405 Berlin

all artists:

@piellesshots @myrthe_roedelberger_sculpture @noodlesfurniture @andre.noodles @munchtorsten @_uros_djurovic @mikagentili @stefanie_hillich @moritzschleime @henningkles @philking77 @ottojustine @dirkpleyerart @sibylleprange @isabelreitemeyer @cornelia_renz @paul_licho_huebner @peterscior @bettinasellmann @oliver_strupp_tattoo @mickysuelzer @wiebke.maria.wachmann @rene_wirths @zasd_zast @qattoon @kaete_mueller @louise.amelie @theovalcas