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Focus on: Cécile Iaciancio

Cécile Iaciancio is a French illustrator. She went to study graphic design in Strasbourg, then Paris. Iaciancio realized that she wasn’t that into graphic design, but more into more independent visual arts which weren’t fitting at all with her school, so she left it. Her style may look at first sight a bit trashy but Iaciancio likes to definite it as  «socially and politically committed drawings». We always love engaged artist, especially nowadays. 

Fuck off tits
Transgender goose


Skeptical white man tie

“As a queer woman, let’s be honest: being a ‘satirical’ illustrator is kind of rare. I have a lot to say, and not enough space to do it, unfortunately, my high sensitivity handicapped me for so long, I felt like waking up when I started drawing and mostly be proud of my work. I can feel the world boiling and I want, I need to -more or less egoistically – be part of the angry, revolted people that aren’t ever going to shut up.”

clown oyster unexpected
desigual puke
jeune fille a la gerbe

“Like in a lot of jobs, satirical art is mainly ruled by men and it really annoys me a lot, enough to keep being angry.”

future is dyke
ink important points
jesus plaining
Tiny cowboy
women can be a dick

Instagram: @garbo.iaciancio