Focus on: Robert Cooper

Robert Cooper is a young artist from London. A year or so ago Robert became fed up with making sculptures. They took so long to make and he would only get to show them to his classmates before having to throw them away. Time, storage and money are any creative persons enemy! Putting his work on the internet seemed to resolve these problems, Cooper could illustrate the things he wanted to make, send them out to whoever wanted to look and build up a collection of images that have become a kind of visual diary.

“Instagram is the perfect space where my surreal and pop ideas can get lost in the giant stream of images on the internet. I started off by taking pictures of myself, amongst other things, and distorting them in a fashion only a few shades apart from the way everyone displays their lives online. I hid @thefutureisfamous from everyone I knew at the beginning from fear of judgement. However, the most important lesson I have learnt from posting online came when I shared it with my circle of friends and family. I learnt just how much authority images have and how much they can miscommunicate meaning. And that is what this project is all about, the confusions and problems our culture has whilst interacting between the physical and virtual worlds.”


Instagram: @thefutureisfamous