Followers by Marco Onofri

Know for capturing his subject from an uncommon angle, Marco continues to push the boundaries of photography and social issues after 20 years behind the lens.In true Onofri fashion, “Followers” is a unique perspective on a common social scenario. A play off of the daily interaction through social media, Marco captures the relationship between users and posts. People share intimate pictures and feeling with no idea who’s watching, no understanding of their followers.

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 “The series portrays the stark differences from the content creator and audience. The nude models are simply a metaphor for the user who is almost unaware of the overwhelming audience looming hidden behind screens. The gawking crowd is excessively diverse as a testament to the array of followers observing, scrutinizing, and lusting.”

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 “Though the series has a strong delivery, the comparison is shocking. The intimacy exposed though social media is a lewd landscape driven by followers.”

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