forbidden mussels

“Forbidden Mussels” is a captivating photo editorial series that juxtaposes the delicate allure of sea mussels with the strength and beauty of the human form. Set against the picturesque backdrop of a tranquil beach, the series explores the boundaries of forbidden desires and the interplay between vulnerability and strength. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

The series features a nude model reclining on the sandy shores, their body gracefully entwined amidst the scattered shells of mussels. The title cleverly plays on the similarity between the words “Mussels” and “Muscles,” inviting viewers to contemplate the dual meanings within the imagery.

Adding to the complexity of the visual narrative, the model is adorned in a dress crafted from discarded plastic found littered along the shoreline. This unexpected juxtaposition of natural beauty and human waste serves as a poignant commentary on environmental degradation and the impact of human consumption on marine ecosystems.

Photography by @hannes_caspar singed @koppemartens
Model @official.lukas.sauer
Make up by @karimsattarmakeup Glow by @primavera_life glam by @und_gretel_cosmetics