Forgotten Corners. By Andrew G. Fisher

The passage of time; Unchangeable and inevitable. A seemingly abstract concept which has confounding effects on every aspect of life. This work seeks to identify the relationship between time, place and people; how one inevitably affects the others.​Andrews ‘Forgotten Corners’ series explores Berlin for the first time. In this work of 111 medium format black and white photographs he presents an alternative look at this exciting and intriguing city in his own distinctive style.

  1. This has been on my mind of late, even have a conversation with a friend over dinner after a movie; My home of Atlanta is being used in more and more movies and television shows, we talked about how corners of building and neighborhoods are being filmed to create a narrative. The Fifth Cir. Court of Appeals building best example: front Washington, DC or European Places, the side general government buildings and the loading dock for NYC.

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