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Fragile masculinity by Ridvan Cavus

A KALTBLUT exclusive male model story. Photography by Kürsat Gürbüz. Art Direction and styling by Ridvan Cavus. Make Up by Asena Aysal. All models are from VIVA Models Berlin! After graduating in visual communication Ridvan Cavus moved to Berlin to start working as an Art Director, Set Designer and Model booker at his own brand maison.cavus.
As a practising queer Muslim he´s familiar to issues such as fragile/toxic masculinity living with the problems that come from both sides and the struggles to combine them in one person and be proud of it.


We are to blame for the fact that we have disturbed male roles today. On the one hand, feminists complain that men suppress them all the time and women don‘t allow anything, but there are always two to blame.

One example is that the boys are told again and again to behave like a man and to check if there is a thief in the house at three in the night with a baseball bat. We almost force men to put on a tank and split or even hide their personalities, because they have to take on the role of breadwinner, lover and protector, so there is little time or even no time for their own feelings and interests nor a healing process.

It is in our hands whether we have healthy and happy men in the future or not. That is why the urge to behave like a „man“ is so strong because we have no healthy, psychologically mature men as role models for the younger generation. We want to break out of this tank and want to create healthy role models and invite everyone to step out of their tank. Because men can also be fragile like a flower! #fragile

All chosen elements in these images are fragile – like the tanks men have built over the years to protect their emotions in order to appear „man enough“. (dry) flowers + make up + bubbles

Models: VIVA Models Berlin @vivamodelsberlin @jordan_sprk @sokoltominaj @nicolai.senpaj @lukiinss @vincenzmur
Photography: Kürsat Gürbüz @krsat_dfg
Art Direction: Ridvan Cavus  @maison.cavus
Props/Set Design: Ridvan Cavus
Styling: Ridvan Cavus
Make Up: Asena Aysal @asenaays