Top & Jacket: Jialing Qiu, Skirt: Giovanni Paolini

Fragrance of Time

A KALTBLUT exclusive womenswear editorial by Chairit Prapai. Inspired by the idea that a women is like a flower the story plays with Butterflies, a symbol for rebirth and shows a creation of life from apparent death. To support a cocooning character Stylist Hangna S Koh used fashion by Marria Roslova, Ming Janet, Marianna Jungman, Giovanni Paolini and Jialing Qiu. Model is Maxine Anatasia. Hair Make-Up by Yumi Noh.

Butterfly Effect15900_miniDress: Marria Roslova

Butterfly Effect15925_miniSleeves: Ming Janet, Top & Skirt Mariana Jugmann

Butterfly Effect15934_miniSleeves: Ming Janet

Butterfly Effect15969_miniTop & neck piece: Derek, Pants and dress: Ming Janet

Butterfly Effect15988_miniJacket & Top: Mariana Jugmann

Butterfly Effect16001_miniJacket, skirt & Top: Mariana Jugmann

Butterfly Effect16057_miniDress: Mariana Jugmann, Top: Ming Janet, Skirt: Giovanni Paolini

Butterfly Effect16110_miniTop: Jialing Qiu

Butterfly Effect16126_miniJacket: Giovanni Paolini, Dress: Mariana Jugmann

Team Credit

Photographer: Chairit Prapai
Stylist: Hangna S Koh
Hair & Make Up: Yumi Noh
Model: Maxine Anatasia