FREEAKPONG wants to ****you!

May I introduce you to the amazing artwork by UK based artist Nicola Frimpong AKA FREEAKPONG. Her work has been shown at The Saatchi Gallery, The Museum of Everything Tate Modern London 2010. The Henry Boxer Gallery and so on. The artist says: “I ‘m an  figurative artist. I’m interested in death, violence, sexuality, and race. My subject matter is a diary all of my thoughts and feelings unearthed, nothing is held back. The human body becoming an instrument of exploitation.”


Official About: “I am an artist showing you the state of my mind. I live and breath art. Welcome to my fucked up world you biatch. All of my subconscious, unconscious and repressed thoughts being opened, I’m vomiting my sickness out. It’s a mess to see. As humans we have destroyed the earth and ourselves, for that we have a life of pain and suffering. I lost hope in all of us a long time ago.



A declaration of romance, hate, rejection and corruption. My heart wants to sing every song that it hears. Some were pardoned, others were punished. The day you die your soul will be raped forever and ever. I love it, the taste of his blood, I painted the walls with his blood. I used to love you, then you broke my heart, now it’s a personal vendetta. I look forward to seeing you in hell, you ungrateful, ignorant, degenerate, disease spreading whoe. My regards to Lucifer.
Best Wishes, Freeakpong”