From Burundi to the Catwalk! The Journey of Pivot Aurel Sentore

A KALTBLUT exclusive starring Pivot Aurel signed at Twenty Model Management. Photography and styling by Nora Maafa. Brands used are Barbour, C.P. Company, and UGG. In the bustling streets of Tokyo, Pivot Aurel Sentore embodies the fusion of resilience and style. Hailing from Burundi, his journey to the fashion capitals of the world is a testament to the transformative power of following one’s dreams.

Born with a passion for sports, Pivot’s path veered unexpectedly towards modelling upon his arrival in Cape Town, South Africa. Despite facing language barriers and cultural differences, modelling became his lifeline, anchoring him amidst the whirlwind of change.

From Cape Town to Paris, London, and New York, Pivot seamlessly blends into the fabric of urban life while adding his vibrant hue to the global fashion scene. Yet, behind the glamour lies the solitude of a life lived in the spotlight, as he navigates fleeting friendships and transient relationships.

Despite the challenges, Pivot finds solace in fleeting moments of human connection, whether backstage with fellow models or connecting with fans who see themselves reflected in his journey.

As he struts down the catwalks of Tokyo, Pivot carries not just the weight of designer garments but the weight of his dreams and desires. His story is a reminder of the enduring strength of the human spirit and the universal language of dreams, transcending borders and inspiring countless others to chase their passions.

Photography and styling by Nora Maafa / / Instagram: @nora.maafa
Model is Pivot Aurel signed at Twenty Model Management / Instagram: @pivot_official_ @twentymodelmanagement

Brands used are Barbour, C.P. Company, UGG
Agency: FakePR / Instagram:

Instagram name of each brand: @barbour @cpcompany @ugg / @uggineurope