Meet G-NO, the Rhino. G-Star RAW´s collectable mascot has had an upgrade as an NFT avatar made entirely of digital denim. Set to be the digital face of the brand, G-NO who is non-binary and every bit the rebel their name suggests is bound to take the virtual world by storm. g-star.com/metaverse

Live Auction on Rarible

There will be 10 unique G-NO avatars available, each one highlighting an iconic moment in the brand’s history. The auction will go live on Rarible with each G-NO starting at 0.1 ETH. Rarible is a leading community-centric multichain NFT marketplace that is home to cool native NFT artists and projects such as Pak and Women Rise.

“We´re excited to enter the NFT space with an art project that brings our story to life. We are known for pushing the limits of denim. Turning our mascot into a piece of digital denim art means we´re able to meet our audience’s appetite for innovation and be in the spaces where they are” says Gwenda van Vliet, the brand’s CMO.

Every single G-NO tells a different brand story and has been meticulously crafted using different denim fabrics and G-Star´s trademark details. Collectors will be the first to own a piece of G-Star RAW digitized denim while simultaneously owning a piece of the brand´s legacy. Buyers will also get an exclusive G-Star product that matches the design and particular story behind their chosen G-NO.

Discover the project here: g-star.com/metaverse