Gaïa’s thread

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Concept and photography by Solène Milcent. Analog video shot and edited by David Montes. Styling & Design by Talk Under Light. With a poem written by Mireia Ibañez. The poem is narrated by Marta Plana Jansana.

There’s a golden string that goes through all beings.
A string made of light and water, of time and sun, of sea and shadow, of moss and snow.
This string connects us all, it weaves us all into the skin of Gaia, our earth that shelters us, our mother that nourishes us.
Please, never cut off this string.
Being in nature is being free with myself.
Feeling the sun on my face is remembering that I am alive and being aware of the world around me.
“They say living fills up hollows. That’s why people are alive even if they turn into ruins, But it’s enough that we are always destroyed, my dear. Let’s collect some thyme; There are things we don’t appreciate…” from Barış Bıçakçı
We often find in places what we carry inside. We find where we come from. Exploring our origin not to get lost. 
My secret nature calls, for a bed in which you lie forever.
No one shall find me there, as the light shines, creating shadows within you.
You touch all the parts of me, the seen and the unseen.
Under the skin
A microcosmos is revolutionized
Under this house tiles
Life breeds, in a constant conflict against gravity
Plants are not from this world, somebody told me. That’s how you explain its vertical, aerial fugue.
Roots penetrate into the wasteland
to protect their leaves towards the sun that saw us born.

Concept and photography by Solène Milcent / webpage: /
Instagram: @solene.milcent
Assisted by Eliya Akbas / instagram :@eliya.akbas
Analog video shot and edited by David Montes / Instagram: @davidmontxs
The styling & design by Talk Under Light /webpage : / Instagram: @talkunderlight
With a poem written by Mireia Ibañez / Instagram: @nuvolhandpoke
The poem is narrated by Marta Plana Jansana / Instagram: @martapjansana

Featuring: Alma Castilla / instagram :@alma.castilla.3
Gabriel Vorbon / Instagram :@gabrielvorbon
Ikram Maymouni / Instagram: @ikram.maymouni
Jossip Tkalcic  / Instagram :@matte_kudasai_82
Maria Riot  / Instagram: @riot.maria.x
Mireia Ibañez / instagram :@nuvolhandpoke