Generation Z

A KALTBLUT exclusive by photographer Saar Pesach. “This project investigates why screens are so captivating and why Generation Z is deeply engaged with them. It artistically conjoins the notion of time with apparel, deriving inspiration from the digital realm, including gaming, hacking, and the typical lifestyle of today’s youth.”

“I have integrated elements from the digital world into fashion, such as transforming gaming chairs and computer elements into clothing components. For example, a gaming chair is reimagined as part of an outfit, converting it into something one can wear. Yellow computer mouse pads and the reconceptualization of computer cases into fashionable suitcases are also part of this project. The result is a unique streetwear line that merges hoodies and leather, marrying the realms of art and fashion.”

Photography by @saarpesach
Designer @tzlilco
Lighting @p.a.v.e.l.zed
Hair & Mua @god.hod
@elya_skor for @brickmodels