Ghostly Kisses shares nostalgic clip for ‘The City Holds My Heart’

There is nothing more satisfying than watching a grainy, DIY home movie to the sound of Ghostly Kisses’ ‘The City Holds My Heart’. The dreamy electro-pop singer and violinist Margaux Sauvé naturally transports you to another level – from the poetic lyrics projected by her ethereal voice to the delicate arrangements created both electronically and organically. Filmed with Élisabeth Grenier the video captures the melancholic feeling of how a person can be trapped in a cycle of memories within the city – perfectly fitting for the streets of Berlin! Fans of Lyves, Tusks, and JFDR are in for a treat.

The name ‘Ghostly Kisses’ was inspired from reading William Faulkner’s poem ‘Une ballade des dames perdues’ and seemed like the perfect reflection of Margaux Sauvé’s ethereal voice. Since 2016 the Canadian native has been going strong after reaching 2 million streams on Spotify and being named as one of the five Quebec artists who you must absolutely know in 2016 by the website 99scenes. Sauvé was also part of the renowned International Festival of Jazz of Montreal and Festival of Summer of Quebec program. Finally, she was chosen to support internationally renowned artists such as Trixie Whitley, RY X and Milk & Bone in Canada and US. In March 24th she released her first EP, ‘What You See’, produced by Dragos Chiriac.


Feature photo by Sam St Onge