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Giorgiandreazza Backstage at MFW

Giorgiandreazza, based in Milan, founded by Giorgia Andreazza herself, approaches the fashion the industry made in Italy thanks to the family roots. Her creations express an idea that describes entities, not a precise sex. The clothes identify with dynamism, spacing from the filtered observation of art forms to the attention for the details in a way that is complex and maniacal. Lover of transformism and evolution, the result is a mix of deconstructed forms and high-quality Italian fabrics. THIS, are the scenes of my first fashion show during the last Milan fashion week.

With his catwalk show Giorgiandreazza wants to talk about evolution, the importance of destroying the traps and intrinsic limits associated with the limits of the world of overproduction of the fashion system.

Fashion designer GIORGIANDREAZZA / / @giorgiandreazza /
Fashion Styllist Rocco Nereo Masi / @rocconereomasi
Digital Photographer Marco Pionato / @ilbiondo___
Analogic Photographer  Lolita Campisi / @lanymphette
Performers @ankkh33
Special thanks @plastikdoll @escandalomilano @enricopalazzo_
Location Q Club, via Padova 21 / @qclubmilano