Glam Rapper PrettiBoiRoq and Trans Rapper Chanel Jole Issue a “Bad Bitch Alert”

Gay Rapper PrettiBoiRoq celebrates his birthday today March 31 with the release of his scandalous new single and music video, “Bad Bitch Alert (featuring Chanel Jole)”. Its message is simple: “Bad Bitch is a mindset,” PrettiBoiRoq explains. “Everyone has the energy inside of them.” In the song, he and Chanel Jole encourage listeners to live life unapologetically and without reserve.


“For the longest time, I was uncomfortable living in my skin. Even as late as in my songs from Haus of Ken, when I was rapping about feeling sexy and unapologetic, there was always this underlying insecurity that came through. I’ve evolved a lot since then and it reflects in the new music.”

’Bad Bitch Alert’ is an anthem of self-love,” PrettiBoiRoq continues from his Los Angeles recording studio. “I want the song to be blasting from the speaker while kids are in the bathroom getting ready for the club or in the car on their way to work. I hope it instantly boosts their egos and reminds them that they got this. Whatever obstacles block their way, they will overcome because they, too, are bad bitches.”

PrettiBoiRoq wrote the song with Chanel Jole.  The two had been trying to work together for some time.  “We went through hundreds of beats trying to find the right sound for our track. When I came out with the beat that would become ‘Bad Bitch Alert’, I knew right away ‘this is it’!  I sent a demo to Chanel and she began writing the lyrics right away.”  They wrote the third verse together in the studio.

“Bad Bitch Alert” is PrettiBoiRoq’s first official new single since his 2018 sophomore album, Haus of Ken.    “Haus of Ken has and will always be my baby, but I have spent the last few years exploring sounds and working on new creative processes.”  “Bad Bitch Alert” is who PrettiBoiRoq is today, both vocally and lyrically, and where he is in his sexual exploration and body positivity journey.

The “Bad Bitch Alert” music video is an empowering visual that was produced, filmed and edited by Nicholas Eastman.  It stars PrettiBoiRoq and Chanel Jole in a cotton candy-coated Barbie and Ken playhouse and both show lots of skin in the music video.   “I have learned to love my body and I am not afraid to show it off, ” PrettiBoiRoq says.   “My style and fashion choices are riskier and risqué-er than ever before and pink has become my trademark colour. Every Ken doll needs a little pink.”

PrettiBoiRoq grew up in a tiny town in North Carolina called Pamlico County.  After his mother succumbed to addiction, his parents divorced and he was raised by his religious dad and stepmother.

He recalls being picked on a lot for the clothes that he wore and for being gay.  “I moved out of the house as soon as I turned 18 because I was desperate to leave my hometown behind.”

He moved to Los Angeles where he started working in films. “My LA dreams weren’t on modelling or acting, it was always on the music,” he explains.   “I got hooked on hip hop, the lyricism, the lifestyle from 2Pac and Dr Dre’s ‘California Love.’ I think hip hop resonates with people who face adversity and with everything I had struggled through with my mom and weight and living in poverty, the aggressive nature of the music allows me to express myself.”

He released his first single, “PrettiBoi Anthym” in December 2015.  His first EP  PrettiBoiRoq, a pop hop record,  was released in June 2016, along with his second single, “New  Sh!t.” “You Don’t Own Me,” PrettiBoiRoq’s most successful single to date, was released in April 2017.  The music video, featuring porn star Arad Winwin, received over 65,000 views on Youtube.

In his second album, Haus of Ken, PrettiBoiRoq honed in on his hip-hop roots.  The single “‘Wanna Be Me,’ had a slightly darker, Trap sound to it along with a traditional hip-hop beat.

He aims to produce more introspective works in the future.  “I think the queer community needs songs with a substance that represent all facets of our stories.  I’ve been writing about issues in my personal life, including how I’ve overcome past relationships and the struggles I dealt with growing up.”

“I hope that I can inspire someone the way so many artists inspired me. I hope kids listening realize that they don’t have to live by gender standards. Gender doesn’t matter.  Nor does race or sexuality.  Love yourself for the bad bitch that you are.”


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Photos by @nickeastmanpratt