GLÜCK’s Couture Collection Debuts at Berlin Fashion Week with Ethereal Ensembles

Berlin witnessed the enchanting debut of GLÜCK’s couture collection at the celebrated Berlin Fashion Week, offering spectators a voyage into the depths of a surreal fantasia. The label, with roots tracing back to Ukraine and now flourishing in the heart of Berlin, unveiled a series of artistic couture garments during an event that can only be described as a theatrical dreamscape titled “Beyond reality with GLÜCK: a surrealistic dreamscape”.

Establishing itself in Kyiv in 2019, GLÜCK transcends the notion of a mere fashion label, capturing the essence of a mood, an ethereal aura. The dual meaning of its name—in Ukrainian signifying ‘hallucinations’ and German translating to ‘happiness’ or ‘luck’—is a testament to the brand’s duality and its unique reinterpretation of festive attire seeing a burgeoning success. Egor Bashtovenko, the creative mind behind GLÜCK, pioneers the label’s aesthetic by initially focusing on couture pieces that eventually evolve into ready-to-wear collections.

Photography @borismarberg

The latest couture line featured at Berlin Fashion Week consisted of 20 inspired costumes which enticed attendees into a realm where the mundane dissolves: a realm ‘beyond reality’. A theme anchoring the collection and its showcase was inspired by the classical quartet of elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Each was materialized into separate dreamscapes, housing the models adorned in surrealist-inspired attire. These meticulously crafted ensembles serve as a testament to fashion’s capacity to embody artistry and evoke boundless imagination. One striking piece, a lilac dress fashioned from interlocking puzzle pieces, topped with an oversized faux fur piece, stood out as a representation of the inventive spirit of the line.

The craftsmanship that went into each garment was palpable, with a wide array of materials — from printed fabrics to original items like sequins, origami flowers, and even glass beads — being meticulously hand-assembled. In a spectacle that brought the collection’s silhouettes to life, detailed couture techniques played an essential role in the expressive value of each piece.

The collection’s showcase reached its zenith with a self-rotating dress, representing an alarm clock that metaphorically rouses us from the profound dream. An exclusive mechanical system was devised by engineers to breathe life into this feature. Remaining true to the collection’s dream-inspired theme, GLÜCK selected the nHow Hotel as the fitting venue — a haven for repose and dreams.

Egor Bashtovenko shared his aspiration for the collection and runway show to transcend traditional fashion presentations, aiming instead to curate an interactive and engaging experience akin to a theatrical play. Renowned for his innovative use of patent and mesh fabrics, Bashtovenko’s new collection didn’t shy away from experimentation, incorporating biotechnological methods in fabric creation. As disclosed by GLÜCK’s co-founder and biotechnologist Leo Lemberg, the innovative use of mushroom-derived textiles was a hallmark of the new couture pieces.

GLÜCK’s innovative show concept garnered critical acclaim, securing prize money within the “Berlin Contemporary” competition held by the Senate Department for Economic Affairs, showcasing the brand’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to merging avant-garde design with biotechnological advancements.