GmbH Fall/Winter 2022

#ParisFashionWeek – GmbH unveiled its Fall/Winter 2022 collection titled “Talisman” during Paris Fashion Week. “Fall 2022 started with a deeply personal exploration of our relationship with religion, couture and sex. We have always talked about fashion as a kind of protection, of the physical and spiritual kind. Fashion as a shield. We came across an Ottoman soldier´s undergarments from the 16th century. These silk robes intended to be worn under one´s armour were covered by hand painted protective calligraphy.”

“This mixture of religion, superstition and art reminded us of Serhat´s grandfather, who wrote these protective scriptures in Arabic for anyone that required them in their village in Turkey. They would normally be hidden in leather pendants (in Turkish muskas) or sewn into undergarments.

In a dream the words “Safe From Harm” came to us, which became an affirmation we rendered in Arabic calligraphy created by Syrian artist Abdelrazak Shaballot, and printed on silk.”

Creative Directors Benjamin A. Huseby & Serhat Işık
Music LABOUR, LABOUR is Colin Hacklander & Farahnaz Hatam
Jewellery Nhat-Vu Dang
Artistic Consultant Emman Debattista
Linguistic Consultant Enad Marouf
Calligraphy Abdelrazak Shaballot
Hair & Grooming Dushan Petrovich
Set Filip Berg based on artworks by Enad Marouf
Casting Affa Osman
Cast Alban Sacilé, Ayoub Erraji, Frank Wenzel, Jordy Ortiz, Luthando Ngema, Mouhamed Ndiaye Special thanks to Enad Marouf and Brandlhuber+
This project has been supported by Paris Fashion Week