Golden Boy

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear fashion editorial. Starring male model Helgi Heskbo. Photography by Yulia Ishchuk. Styled by Ira Lan. Production by VISUAL CONTENT LAB – “It designs visual content for social networks, creates concepts and account management style. It actually provides much more than just pictures. The main goal is to push the limits of beauty perception, develop style, and inflame a desire to create. It has become vitally important for us to create a new type of content for users scrolling pictures. Content which isn’t just flipped through, but which is noticed. Our mission is to create accounts which will differ aesthetically and inspire users, motivate them to see the beauty not only around themselves but on the screens of their devices.”

Production – VISUAL CONTENT LAB @visual.content.lab
Photographer – Yulia Ishchuk
Style – Ira Lan @lan_ira
Model – Helgi Heskbo @heskbo