Golden Brown Launches New Label with Breezy Compilation

Golden Brown presents its debut release, Perfectly Toasted, Vol. 1; the first installment of its Perfectly Toasted Compilation Series. Featuring 11 emerging artists from around the world, this summer mixtape is an introduction to the Portland, Oregon label’s sound, style & aesthetic.  Poised with a new roster of emerging talent and dedicated to releasing albums that “bend genres, minds and hearts,” Golden Brown is a breakout label for 2016.Tracklist

1. Casey Burge – Comin’ Fulfilled
2. Berdmajik – Circles
3. Emily Doom – News Breaks
4. Andras Pokorny – The Air (feat. Elan)
5. Lady D’Ascalie – La Rencontre Avec Nico
6. Motorcraft – Crazy Car
7. Sunbathe – Magic Number
8. Bobey – Bang Chasing
9. Winds – Walk Thru Time
10. Slight – My Latern
11. Obvious Creature – You Were Wrong

Available digitally & on limited edition cassette here
golden tape