A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Genevieve Medow Jenkins. Model is Carlos Altamirano in Mexico City. Styling by Gabriella Zamora using Golondrina Collection. “Growing up in Big Sur, California, my photography is heavily influenced by the natural atmosphere and the things that inhabit that space. My relationship to capturing moments began with a 35mm camera I purchased in a nook of Neuköln in Berlin 6 years ago. I have worked in analog ever since, whether it be fashion, lifestyle, art or tour photography. In this series, I wanted to capture a slice of the beauty of Mexico City with work of a local designer and model. The goal is to always convey authenticity in all of my work and Mexico City is so vibrant and alive, as are the artists there. Clothes made of organic cotton sewn by one woman in the Yucatan feel nostalgic even in a bustling city that is now bustling with tourism and change. I love capturing this liminal space and time and the people who exist within it.” says Genevieve Medow Jenkins.

Photography by Genevieve Medow Jenkins / www.genevievemedowjenkins.com / Instagram: @gene.vi.eve

Model is Carlos Altamirano in Mexico City / @carlosmaltamirano

Styling by Gabriella Zamora / www.golondrinacollection.com / Instagram: @golondrina_collection


Top by Golondrina Collection

Pant by Golondrina Collection

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