A KALTBLUT exclusive by GARÇON DE FAMILLE. ​A passionate team of creative minds with a particular vision for aesthetics uniting design and fashion. It originate from an ironic context representing a family boy who does not respect informal norms. Model is Jelle De Beer signed at The Coven. Skirt, blazer and PVC transparent top by MM6 Maison Margiela.

“For this editorial, we decided to explore the ins and outs of the middle ground that is grey (grau). Why grey? Jelle’s beauty is seamless and particular. The color represents being neutral, neither black or white. Neither feminine nor masculine. Taking depth in the meaning of not being imposed a side, not choosing one, but letting your own self drift through the various forms and ways. Synergies emerge from these drifting emotions, as we let Jelle define his own side.”

Model Jelle De Beer signed at The coven instagram @thecovenmodels / Instagram: @JLL.DB
Styling and shots by Garcon de famille / /
Instagram: @garcondefamille