A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Gabriela Gawełczyk. Female Model is Lila Michniewicz. Male Model is Jakub Czerniak. Make up by Alisa Styslavska Fiuk.

“My name is Gabriela Gawełczyk, I’m young photographer based in Warsaw. In my work I’m mostly inspired by human body, cinematography and light. I always try to include unusual ideas which might be interpreted in many ways. That way the whole concept of the photoshoot can be understood in many different ways. In editorial “Grown-ups?” I wanted to present two young adults looking like they were still trapped in their childhood. Who are they? Are they couple? Or maybe siblings? We don’t know. In this series we have also used authentic vintage clothes found in my grandma’s wardrobe, to better introduce viewer to the history.”

Photography by Gabriela Gawełczyk / Instagram: @howtoshootpeople
Female Model is Lila Michniewicz / Instagram: @lilaanie
Male Model is Jakub Czerniak / Instagram: @czernyjackob
Make up by Alisa Styslavska Fiuk / Instagram: @elfyally

Silver tracksuit – Adidas
Silver pants – Bershka
Rest of the outfits – Vintage (@zdruczyk / (@pracownia_vintage)