Guys n Stuff by Leo Maki

Leo Maki is a photographer and a videographer from Poland. Maki is creating the long-term series called Guys n Stuff, which is all about queerness, freedom and perception of masculinity. “I see my works as the record of a meeting, all I care about is creating the atmosphere in which me and my model feel free to express ourselves without any boundaries and tension. I want to capture the people I work with as I perceive them, to capture emotions and the feeling of the moment.”

Pomadka Teresa is one of the most popular polish drag queens, who participated in several important projects like Anja’s Rubik book SEXEDPL, which try to explain the subjects of sexuality to the Polish society.
Instagram: @leo_maki

Model is Pomadka Teresa
Instagram: @pomadkateresa
Hair: Kubuś Tlałka @tlalkula