Harajuku is Dead! Featuring Little Voice + Frame Bags

A KALTBLUT exclusive fashion film and editorial. Photography by Philippe Duval. Model are Rikarin & Little Voice (aka Curated by Girls). Raincoats & Backpacks all by Frame Bags. A Project by Little Voice & Frame Bags.

My name is Gulsah Hamurcu based in Istanbul / Turkey. I am an illustrator & Designer. Creating products with my artworks. I totally focused on Asia Fashion, Kawaii & Decora Fashion, Harajuku Kids. We made this photoshoot in Harajuku / Japan. We are calling this “Harajuku is Dead” (but opposite way like irony)” 

Photography by Philippe Duval / Instagram: @philipperocks

Model are Rikarin & Little Voice / Instagram: @rikarin0526  – @itslittlevoice

Project by Little Voice & Frame Bags / www.itslittlevoice.com / Instagram: @itslittlevoice

www.framegd.com / Instagram: @frame_bags

Fashion : Raincoats & Backpacks

All Products by Frame Bags / @frame_bags