Harry Jay promises to “Make It Better”

Newsflash: it’s a new generation of artists out there. Their careers are being moulded right out of the crucible of Social media alongside the more traditional live circuits and word-of-mouth. The mastery of the online and the ever-growing set of tools that it provides for creatives has changed the way we experience music, narrowing the gap between audience and artist, at times even making us active participants in the process.

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Cue Harry Jay, a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist prodigy who many a TikTok user has probably met thanks to his popular “Anyone Can Sing” Series where he uses his natural comedic chops to teach a wide audience how to become better singers.


As a Musician, Harry has a uniquely fresh take on the vernacular of RnB, Soul, and Jazz, combining the finer points of each into his own blend: a moody, Eastcoast downtempo that pays homage to the full glory of his childhood music heroes, such as Marvin Gaye, Steely Dan, and Stevie Wonder.

There’s not much electronic/avant-garde trickery in Harry’s catalogue. In a lot of ways his Neo-soul/RnB sound very earnest and traditional, however, it doesn’t bank a thing on nostalgia trips or in being inauthentically “retro”, neither is there any illusion that you’re listening to anything other than a modern artist with eyes firmly set on the hereafter of a boundless world of music where genres have never been more flexible and the tastes of audiences have never been so wide open.

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up song for this week, something to really boost you up, look no further than Harry’s “Make It Better”, a  romantic and optimistic anthem to trying to work things out.  The song, says Harry is about “the aftermath of a fight I had with a former partner of mine; we wanted the fight not to end the relationship, so we tried to get the “sexy” back in our relationship and keep things going.  I think this song personifies that feeling.” }

For a long time now RnB has been synonymous with sultriness and romance. This, coupled with subtle smooth jazz influences result in a track that needs no extremes and no bombastic intensity to blow your mind wide open because even as he hits some impressive notes, Harry’s cool demeanour and