Haux’s Top 5

2017 was a pivotal year for Haux, the multi-media-silhouette of Woodson Black. From his quiet home in the Berkshires, the photographer-turned-musician carefully curated each step of his debut EP ‘All We’ve Known’ – producing each song, photo, video, and design. Now, the fast-rising enigmatic newcomer returns with his latest wistful, reverb-drenched cut ‘Ricochet,’ the latest off his forthcoming sophomore EP ‘Something To Remember’ (out March 30 via Ultra with a companion short film to follow). To celebrate the release, and the upcoming short, Haux shares his Top 5 most influential films.

My Own Private Idaho. Directed by Gus Van Sant.
This film explores adolescence in a way I had never seen before. There’s a vulnerability and lostness to the characters that was a huge inspiration when I was writing Something To Remember.

Like Crazy. Directed by Drake Doremus.
The cinematography in this small-budget love story is something that I always come back to. Every frame seems to have a certain beauty to it. In all my work I attempt to let every frame have a certain beauty to it whether it’s viewed individually or collectively.

Never Let Me Go. Directed by Mark Romanek.
Initially, a novel written by Kazuo Ishiguro, this story leaves three twenty-somethings to cope with death much earlier than it is normally expected. Having read both the novel and the screenplay, I came to appreciate and aspire to the brevity and function that each scene achieved.

The Tree of Life. Directed by Terrence Malick.
The directors and editors touch on this film are second to none. I’ve always loved the way the film breathes as if the passage of scenes was almost a character in and of itself. I’ve always wanted to recreate that in my film work and beyond.

Blue Valentine. Directed by Derek Cinefrance.
There’s a realness about this film that makes it hard to watch. Many times the stories that end up on the big screen never quite tell the day-to-day struggle of life. This one, on the other hand, leaves you utterly broken because it touches the every day, the minutiae that gives life it’s color.

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