Heavy Blonde

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Creative Direction and Photography by Julia Alexandra S. Styling by Andrew Christian. “I was always curious about people, I wanted to hear their stories, to understand who they are and what they have to say. As an artist, I made it my goal to give a voice to those who are unheard, those who suffer the consequences of societal expectations, by always aiming to start a dialogue on identity and self-exploration. ‘Heavy Blonde’ allowed me through a series of self-portraits to look at misconceptions and myths that surround blonde women. The project is based on testimonials from anonymous participants that share their thoughts or a piece of advice on the subject. A romantic visual narration mixed with humor and scribbled words, infused by the nostalgia of the 60s”.

Creative Direction and Photography by Julia Alexandra S. /
www.julialexandra.com / Instagram: @julialexandra6
Assisted by Lucho Davila / www.iamtrece.com / Instagram: @stilltrece
Styling by Andrew Christian / Instagram: @itsandrewchristian

Fashion Brands used are:

Chi Chi London @chichiclothing / Urban Threads @urbthreads / Reclaimed Vintage @reclaimedvintageldn / ASOS @asos

Julia Alexandra S. Is a Romanian/Israeli photographer based in London working with both still and moving images – with rich colors and constructed narratives. Her work explores female identity, beauty ideals, and consumerism, through self-portraiture and staged photography. She often depicts the stories of others through her projects, using the body as a medium, masks, or digital software to alter her physical appearance.